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The new Volvo V60 is here

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Meet the new Volvo V60, a car which looks rather a lot like a shrunken Volvo V90. Because that’s exactly what it is.

The current V60 has been around since 2011, so has been due a replacement. It’s come as part of Volvo’s seemingly constant new model haul, the benefit of basing your cars on scalable platforms.

So the V60 really is a shrunken V90, with exceedingly similar styling (a good thing) and much of the same tech. Volvo’s vast array of connectivity and safety tech is all crammed in, the headline act being active braking tech that sniffs out pedestrians, cyclists and ‘large animals’, as well as other cars.

On top of the usual array of petrol and diesel engines, there are two plug-in hybrids to choose from. Both team up petrol and electric power, and both use AWD, with a T6 offering 335bhp and a T8 possessing 385bhp.

More revolutionary is the fact the new V60 will be offered on Volvo’s monthly subscription scheme, bringing every cost bar your fuel into a single fee, so it feels like you’re just renting a big, safe and commodious mobile phone. No word on what the fee will be yet, though.

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