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The upcoming Renault Triber

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Expected to be launched in the second half of this year, the Triber is Renault's new compact SUV. Renault says that the car is specifically made with the Indian market in mind. 

The company also says that it is being built on a completely new platform. From what we know, the car is going to be sub 4m and will sit below the Duster. 

Renault is going to be focusing on more interior space and modularity with this car. The promotional image shows five people carrying surfboards which could be indicative of the practicality and interior space. Details about the drive train and performance haven't been released yet.

The car is set to go up against the likes of the Hyundai Venue, which is also a compact SUV that will be on sale from May 21, 2019. With the C-SUV market pipelines getting clogged up with cars from all major manufacturers, will the Triber stand out just because of its interior space or will it be just another bloated up hatchback on stilts? 

Watch this space for more updates.
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