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This is a Ford Mustang Bullitt that’s been painted blue

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You know the Ford Mustang Bullitt: it’s a movie tribute ‘Stang with a bit more power, stiffer suspension and a cue-ball gearknob. And, crucially, Highland Green paint.

Or not so crucial, apparently. This Bullitt has been painted Kona Blue, and were it not for its noble purpose, we suspect it might inspire a crowd of placard-waving protestors. Or at least a mild Twitter storm.

That noble purpose? It’s all for charity – specifically the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation – with this incorrectly coloured Mustang being given away as the prize in a raffle.

A raffle that’s just $10 (Rs 696) to enter. So even accounting for sending it off to be resprayed green, you’ll still be getting an outrageous bargain if you win…

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