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This is the new Mercedes-AMG C63

This is the new Mercedes-AMG C63. An interesting name, considering it doesn't feature a 6.3-litre V8, and, like the new AMG GT supercar, doesn't feature ‘Benz' in its official tag either.

What the new C63 does feature, however, is a whole dollop of fast. Welcome to Mercedes' bruising comeback to the new BMW M3 and M4.

The new car will come in two levels of spice, and will comfortably eclipse the Beemer's 431bhp turbo'd six, thanks to AMG's new 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 powerhaus. The ‘standard' AMG C63 produces 476bhp and 650Nm of torque, and will go from 0-100kph in 4.1 seconds.

Then there's the range-topping range-topper, the AMG C63 ‘S', which features a pumped 510bhp and 700Nm of torque, the extra power dropping the 0-100kph sprint down to 4.0 seconds flat. Top speed is limited, of course, to 250kph.

At 1640kg, the big C is a bit heavier than its BMW rival (which weighs in between 1572kg and 1595kg), though Mercedes claims it'll return 14.7kpl on the combined EU cycle. The engine is related to that seen in the AMG GT supercar too, with the turbochargers situated inside the ‘V' of the cylinder layout, and still built to the ‘one man, one engine' philosophy. Considering Merc sold 40,000 models of the outgoing C63, pity this 'one man'.

The power is transferred to the rear tyres via a seven-speed automatic gearbox with faster shifts than before and packing four modes - Controlled Efficiency, Sport, Sport+ and Race, the latter only available on the C63 S.

Both versions get Merc's three-stage adaptive damping system, three-stage ESP, and locking diffs; a mechanical one for the C63, an electronic one for the C63 S. The track's been widened, the rear runs a higher negative camber, there are ‘motorsport' brakes with the option of ceramic-composites, and optional sports tyres for increased grip. We suspect they won't last long, though.

Elsewhere there's a new front end, wider aluminium front wings, reinforcements to the body to deal with the extra poweeerrr, a new bonnet with power domes, a new rear diffuser, a roof spoiler (on the estate) and of course, the twin exhaust pipes.

It looks spectacular inside, too. Black leather for the dash, a sportier instrument binnacle, sports seats, and of course, a range of options to lighten your wallet.

'We are marking the beginning of a new era with the new nomenclature,' says AMG boss Tobias Moers. 'Be it in drive, handling or equipment, the Mercedes-AMG C63 sets new benchmarks. AMG customers can look forward to an exceptionally dynamic driving experience.'

Game on, BMW.

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