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This solar panel car charges while you drive

As yet another futuristic European concept, German start-up Sono Motors has created the Sion – an electric supermini that’s covered in solar panels.

Due to the price of solar panels falling so much, Sono CEO and co-founder Laurin Hahn says the 330 integrated solar cells are apparently cheaper than painting the Sion.

Under “proper” conditions the solar panels can generate enough energy to cover an extra 30km on top of the standard battery charge range of 250km. The 109bhp battery, in combination with a single-speed transmission, can kick out a top speed of 104kph and even claims towing capability up to 750kg.

Packed with even more quirks and gadgets, biSono technology allows you to take charge from the car itself, whether to boost your friend’s Sion, but also laptops, hairdryers, vacuum cleaner, the works. There’s also fancy moss built into the dashboard that filters 20 per cent of fine dust particles by electrostatic attraction… or something.

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