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Tom Kristensen and Audi win the 2013 Le Mans 24hrs!

The affable Dane put his hand to his eyes to wipe the emotion away, this is a big deal – he’s now a NINE-TIME winner at La Sarthe, while our very own Allan McNish chalks up his third win here in France. Dr Ulrich, McNish and Duval both hopped onto Kristensen’s ride, waving the Audi flag for the fans. Lots of hugs and emotion from Toyota too, and Davidson respects that. He was on the radio bidding them on a good victory. Good stuff, and lots of respect between these two.

Kristensen and his team mates embraced, and there were lots of tears and smiles – this really is a podium of gentlemen. Well done Audi, and Toyota too.

Davidson and Kristensen embraced, but Buemi looked devastated. No need to though, he can hold his head up high. Elsewhere, Baguette, Pla and Martin made up the podium for the LMP2 class, denying Mardenborough a maiden Le Mans victory (which is a shame), while Porsche locked out the two top spots in the GTE Pro class, pushing Aston Martin down to third. But, as the Voice of Le Mans John Hindaugh correctly said, today, we are all Aston Martin, and we are all Danish (RIP Allan).

It’s been a fascinating, strange, arduous and, ultimately, tragic Le Mans race. Heads hung low on the podium out of respect for a fallen comrade.

But at the end, it’s Audi standing tall, again. Looking forward to 2014, when Porsche makes a prodigal return, and Toyota is fully up to speed? You betcha. It’s been emotional, TopGear.commers. And with that, we bid you, adieu.

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