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Video: car gets emotional local funeral

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Now, we've got form with car burials at sea, but we've never given one an actual funeral. Enter AMERICA, and this faintly touching and slightly bewildering Live and Let Die-style funeral of Harry Ettling's 1982 Honda Civic.

The Inwood, New York, resident has owned 'Bluey' - named by a neighbour - since 1981, and it's picked up a few scars from its time on the street. It's survived a chassis-bending crash, and it was turned upside down during the Washington Heights riots.

But the car's finally succumbed to rust, and on Saturday August 4 at 1:00pm, Bluey took his last journey to the great beyond. His owner hopes he'll be used as an organ donor for other cars.

Now watch. And TopGear.commers, let us know which of the cars you've owned over the years would qualify for such treatment in the handy space below...

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