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Video: the best save you’ll see today

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We've just consulted the TopGear Book of What To Do When You're Crashing, and the driver in the video below executed the golden rule perfectly: when in doubt, flat out.

What you'll see below is a Mitsubishi Evo at a Rally in Poland. Conditions aren't the best as he turns in to a tight right-hander at high speed: it's wet and the road has been buttered with a healthy layer of mud. High speed and low friction results in the car oversteering into a ditch.

At this point most drivers would call it a day and start thinking about excuses of why they went off. Not this guy, he puts his foot flat into the carpet and lets the Evo's four-wheel-drive system sort him out. After a brief boardslide on the lip of the ditch, and a moment of two-wheeled madness, he's back on the track and off to finish the stage.

Count us impressed...

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