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Watch out Koenigsegg: SSC Tuatara is back for world record

Shelby SuperCars has confirmed that it will attend this year�s Monterey car week in California with a very special guest: the 2019 SSC Tuatara.

Yes, Tuatara. The highly anticipated hypercar we first saw way back in 2011. We�re promised this 2019 car will feature an �unmatched drag coefficient� and �track-level handling characteristics�, along with a final promise that�s the most interesting and important.

It will �easily surpass� the current world record top speed. Which means it�s gunning straight for the Koenigsegg Agera RS�s 445kph.

No more details have yet been revealed � other than the aforementioned gauntlet and a set of shady teasers above � but we can tell you that when we first saw the original Tuatara, that promised a 442kph top speed from a 6.9-litre biturbo V8 churning out 1,350bhp.

Expect something similar then for this new car. Can�t tell you much about the styling, other than Jason Castriota�s original design looks to have been mildly updated for the new car. No bad thing: the original Tuatara still looks stunning.

�Years of methodical engineering applied to the Tuatara will be revealed in the unparalleled performance, driver experience and striking presence of the car,� SSC tell us.

It�ll go on show on 24 August, at which point we�ll learn a whole lot more about the shape of speed in 2019. Watch this space�

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