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Welcome to the all-new Range Rover

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'This is unmistakably a Range Rover, but the all-new Range Rover,' Land Rover design chief Gerry McGovern tells TopGear. 'It's a bold evolution.'

Yes, it's here: only the fourth all-new Range Rover in 42 years. And, for the first time in that 42-year history, the oft-quoted dictum of form following function has been sidelined for a philosophy that extends the car's aesthetic appeal.

Your gaze will immediately be directed towards the new face, itself a continuation of the increasingly blinged-up front of the most recent third-gen RRs, together with new side gills on the doors, a black roof paint option and - generally - a more rounded, aerodynamic appearance.

This fourth generation of Land Rover's luxury off-road stalwart uses an all-aluminium body that's 420kg lighter than its predecessor (and in fact, the Range Rover Evoque's), sitting on a wheelbase that's been stretched by 40mm. It's also a touch lower and wider in the body than its predecessor.

The new V6 diesel can boast the same performance as the outgoing V8 diesel, because of course, the car - along with that new engine - is lighter. There's also a supercharged petrol V8 on offer too.

The outgoing Range Rover's interior design has been largely kept intact, except the new one gets a neater finish with more control handed over to a large central touchscreen. And, naturally, you'll be able to customise the trim to your heart's content. You can opt for a four-seat layout if you so wish, and the extra length over its predecessor means better legroom too.

Which all handily focuses on the RR's core competency: luxury off-roading. Don't forget, when the Range Rover was first being mooted way back in '66 (as a concept dubbed ‘100-inch Station Wagon'), LR engineers went to the States to see how the luxury 4x4 market was growing. The Range Rover was Britain's response, and the fourth generation looks set to continue the Brit icon's dominance. Millionaires of the world, prepare to want one...

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