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Yokohama launches made-for-India tyres

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Japan has a strong association with India when it comes to the automotive world. Long ago, Maruti associated with Suzuki and quite literally redefined personal mobility in India. With the Japanese cars, Maruti Suzuki has sold millions of units in India in the past years. And Suzuki isn't the only Japanese company that been a part of Indian automotive development. Honda, Toyota and Nissan too have played prominent roles.

In fact, with the massive potential in India, Toyota even developed made-for-India products with the Etios and the Liva. And the rest have been adapting their products to match their line-up with Indian conditions.

But it's not only the carmakers who have been adapting or making made-for-India products. Yokohama tyres have just launched their designed-for-India brand - Earth 1, to withstand Indian conditions. And by Indian conditions, we mean the pothole-ridden and rough roads that we encounter on our daily commute. The Earth 1 promises less tyre wear and ability to withstand the long-term torture that comes with driving on Indian roads. Much longer than what its competitors would do, according to Yokohama.

The Earth 1, with its design, manages to give you better grip through rough and wet roads. And Yokohama also claims to make the ride quieter than other tyres. It also absorbs much more impact while doing that.

For now, The Earth 1 will be available in six sizes ranging from 13-inches to 15-inches. But Yokohama plans to increase the number of sizes upto 25, once their brand new local facility is inaugurated in mid 2014.


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