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15 December 2010

Nissan Micra XV Diesel

Nissan’s successful Micra now has some reinforcement in the engine department

Abhinav Mishra
Car image

A calm, gentle drive through the peace of the countryside in the Nissan Micra delivered astonishing efficiency. The 19.5kpl was in fact astonishing.

The Micra’s latest engine option, the 1.5-litre diesel is a quiet, refined motor. The 63bhp that it produces comes through pretty smoothly, and the 160Nm of torque that partners the power, peaks at 2000rpm and lends a helping hand.

This entire process is smoothened by the precise five-speed gearbox. Driving around the city is a breeze with the low-end torque taking care of all the crawly stretches of traffic.

Dynamically, the Micra does alright. It doesn’t have any Z car DNA, but it’s not about to roll over at the sight of a slight crosswind either. The thing to worry about, though, is the brakes. They seem to lock up in the non-ABS versions at any instance of hard braking.

After a day out in the Micra, I’ve quite grown to like it. Features like keyless ignition, auto folding mirrors, rear windscreen wash wipe, the stylish centre console all make the Micra a place you like being in.

Will fancy features and a super efficient engine be enough to pull buyers toward the Micra instead of the competition? We’ll have to wait and watch.

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