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TVS Jupiter review

Driven December 2013

TVS Jupiter review

Sometimes, the fastest way to get around the city doesn’t call for a high-octane car or bike. Sometimes, the scooter seems to be just the thing to get the job done. So we decided to take on the city’s notorious traffic with the TVS Jupiter.

TVS claims the Jupiter is the company’s largest offering in the Indian scooter market. Visually, it looks bigger than its cousin, the Wego, but inch for inch, they are exactly the same. Not too impressed with the Jupiter’s design? Neither are we. Unlike the Wego, which looks fairly distinct, the Jupiter looks far more generic. To be fair to TVS, it has styled the Jupiter to attract buyers across ages and sexes.

The headlight sits on the handlebar and the indicators are placed on the apron. Moving to the rear, things are much more standardised. There are styling elements like the 12-inch tyres, blacked out alloys and external fuel cap, which distinguish the scooter from the herd, but you have to look close. Again, the Jupiter does not look bad from any angle, but it doesn’t look special, either. TVS should have put some decals on to make the Jupiter more eye-catching.

What this scooter lacks in looks, it makes up in practicality. Starting with the two sets of retractable bag hooks to hang your groceries. Plus, if you need more space for your shopping bags, there’s a 17-litre boot for a half-face helmet that doubles as luggage storage.

The Jupiter’s seat is well cushioned, and keeps your hind well pampered. Seating position is upright, and the handlebar position feels just right for those long commutes.

The Jupiter has something for everyone, which brings us to performance. While this may not be the first thing to cross your mind when you’re shopping for a scooter, keep in mind that it has impressive performance.

The single-cylinder 110cc engine makes 7.8bhp and 8Nm, which is the usual spec on most scooters today. But this one feels peppier than any other scooter we’ve ridden before.

The larger 12-inch tyres grip well. Couple that with the front telescopic suspension, and the Jupiter feels pretty nimble on its feet while weaving through traffic or taking a fast corner. TVS says this scooter will do 0-60kph in 7.2 seconds, and the way it pulls away from a signal, that claimed time sounds believable. On the highway, while we managed 90kph on the speedo, the scooter did show discomfort at this speed, with some vibration and the engine sounding stressed.

After riding it for a day over a range of conditions, the Jupiter managed to return 42.16kpl. Which is good for an
automatic scooter whose primary job will be to run errands.

The numbers
109.7cc, 7.8bhp, 8Nm, 42.16kpl, fuel tank: 5 litres, top speed: 90kph, Rs 44,200 (ex-showroom, Delhi)

The verdict

Not the most attractive looking scooter out there, but it impresses with features and nimble handling.


Abhinav Mishra

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