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Audi A6 review

Driven August 2011

Audi A6 review

No, we’re not trying to pull a fast one on you. This is indeed the new A6 you’re looking at. So what if it looks like the A8, we’re not complaining. Especially when it doesn’t cost as much as the luxobarge. If you’re one of those that won’t read the entire story, then here it is…the new A6 is good value for money and you should go buy one. For the rest, read on.

We Indians have a love affair with diesels of epic proportions and Audi has made the most of it with its brilliant oil burners. This versatile 3.0-litre motor puts out 245bhp and more importantly 500Nm of torque. It comes coupled to a 7-speed S-tronic automatic gearbox. This means the Bulgarian means business when it comes to speed. With a zero-100kph time of 6.98 seconds, you know this one can molest some rubber if it has to. Top speed sadly, has been electronically limited to 250kph. In a nutshell, the accelerator does all the talking and you really enjoy when it’s on song.

The new A6 gets adjustable air suspension as standard on all variants. There are four modes – Comfort, Dynamic, Auto and Lift. In comfort mode, the A6 rides softly and eats up bumps, but is a tad floaty for our liking. Put it in dynamic and its behaviour changes completely. The ride becomes taut and body control is also better. Steering also becomes weightier and although it is better than the old car, it could still do with some more feel. The Quattro provides incredible amounts of grip especially in the wet and keeps the bushes outside your window. For such a large saloon, the A6 goes well around bends and still rides well enough to comfort the passengers.

In the safety department, you get airbags, ABS, EBD, traction control and the very useful Quattro all-wheel drive. The MMI system can also be ordered with a touchscreen option. LED headlamps and automatic door shut are also on the options list. Even in standard form, the A6 comes with a long list of equipment. You get dual zone climate control, keyless entry/ignition, electronic parking brake and everything else that you’d expect in a posh saloon like this. If you want more, there are plenty of options too. We suggest the delicious but impractical 19-inch alloys!

The long wheelbase is not the best thing when it comes to clearing our scientifically designed speedbreakers. But the air suspension’s lift mode is quite handy in avoiding those expensive sounding scrapes.

Being a diesel, you’re going to be happy at the pumps either way owing to the cheaper fuel cost. And with the A6 managing to extract 8.5kms to a litre in the city, the accountant in you will also be smiling. Out on the highway, you can expect 11.2kpl. Its overall fuel efficiency stands at 9.9kpl, which is impressive for its size and the performance on offer. Priced at Rs 58 lakh (on-road, Mumbai), the A6 hasn’t gone up on the price ladder. Considering you get a bigger car with better features at a similar price, the A6 does well on the value for money front too.

The A6 has raised the game for luxury saloons and given BMW and Mercedes a lot to think about. It brings the best of all worlds together into one brilliant package. To tell you the truth, we’d buy it just for that menacing Darth Vader face.


Manish Sarser

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