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Lamborghini Aventador Roadster reviewed in India

Driven April 2014

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster reviewed in India

When was the last time you were really looking forward to sampling a hair dryer? Don’t remember? We certainly do. And we have a valid reason to do so. Because hair dryers are getting much more complex these days. Striking-looking even. And the sort of a hair dryer that we sampled was probably the most expensive one anyone has ever made – a whopping Rs 7.8 crore.

And what a hair dryer it is. That’s because it’s based on Lamborghini’s latest and the fastest flagship, the Aventador. The Aventador Roadster has one minor change though – it lets the sky into the cabin once you unlatch the two carbon fibre pieces of the roof and stow them away in the storage compartment. And that’s not done through a complex electromechanical system, where all you do is press a button on the centre console. Here, you have to manually do the procedure.

The most thrilling hair drying experience is courtesy a gigantic 6.5-litre V12 motor sitting right behind that beautiful cabin. And if you’re wondering about the firepower that the V12 is capable of putting out, prepare yourself for the answer (wearing a diaper to protect your pants from wetting might be a good idea) – an insane 691bhp and 690Nm of torque. And that’s not it. It creates a brawl when you fire it up. It’s loud enough to let half the town know that you’ve arrived, in our case, it was Bangalore.

To put the power down to the road, Lamborghini uses a single-clutch seven-speed automated manual transmission. It doesn’t have a complex dual-clutch system. But despite that, it manages to shift a gear in less than 50 milliseconds. And that time is as much as it took you to read that ‘50’ from the last sentence. All four wheels are loaded with power by this gearbox to ensure every bit of power from that engine is converted to acceleration.

Having all the power in the world is one thing and putting down to the road is other. This Lambo does both these things in style. 100kph comes up in three seconds flat! And for the top whack, it can do a mighty 350kph.

The Aventador uses Formula 1 style push rod suspension – Lamborghini didn’t make it to keep your back happy. It was made to get this bloody thing out of a corner well composed. At low speeds, your back will know each and every small thing that the car goes over. But if you go over those tiny undulations at high speed, there’s lesser chance that you’ll get to know about them.

The handling? Let me put it this way, if you were in any of the previous Lamborghinis, you would have had to have suicidal instincts to go really quick into a corner. The Lambo would want to kill you. But here, you don’t need any of that. Having all-wheel drive pays its dividends. And then there's the grip, which is more than a tiger’s claws on its prey.

But despite all that power, the Aventador isn’t too difficult to drive. The Gallardo needed real effort when you’re anywhere but a racetrack. But this doesn’t – it sedates itself when you want it to.

At Rs 7.8 crore (including duties), it’s the most expensive supercar that you can buy in India. But you can’t put a price on insanity, can you? In the end, if you choose to, you’d end up owning the quickest-accelerating, fastest, costliest and the most striking-looking roadster ever to boast an Indian number plate. That’s reason enough to be psyched, no?

The numbers
6498cc, V12, 691bhp, 690Nm, 7A, AWD, 0-100kph: 3 seconds, top speed: 350kph, overall kpl: 2, Rs 7.8 crore (including duties)

The verdict
The best-looking and the fastest roadster you can buy in India. Down on practicality, but one of the most entertaining supercars out there

Read more about our Aventador Roadster drive in Bangalore, in our May 2014 issue.

Agasti Kaulgi

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