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TopGear reviews the new Ford Figo

Driven October 2012

TopGear reviews the new Ford Figo

Change is a wonderful thing. This was what the guys at Ford reckon is the new mantra, to tickle the fancy of their prospective buyers. But Ford doesn’t seem to have followed the mantra when it comes to the new Figo. Despite calling it ‘all new’, the Figo comes only with some cosmetic updates, some additional features and is available in two new shades – Kinetic Blue and Bright Yellow.

All the mechanicals remain unchanged. It was never a problem in the Figo to begin with. Like the older one, the ride is pliant at sane speeds and it swallows potholes without much fuss. The steering is responsive and in the handling department it won’t dishearten you in any way.

Under the hood, it’s gets the same 1.4 Duratorq diesel engine that belts out 68bhp and 160Nm of torque and 1.2-litre Duratec petrol engine that’s good for 70bhp and 102Nm. Though Ford claims they’ve improved the calibration of the engine which translates into better acceleration. We’ll reserve our opinion on that till we strap on our Vbox for numbers.

At the front, it gets a reshaped bumper and a new hexagonal grille. The headlamps are also reshaped and certainly make the Figo look refreshed. At the back, the tail lamps too get a slight update. In case you happen to come across a panic braking moment, it’ll automatically switch on the hazard lamps to indicate the tailing vehicles.

On the inside, the dashboard is now Riviera blue which replaces the earlier Coral. The top-end gets steering mounted controls, well not exactly ‘mounted’ but something like we’ve seen in the Renault Duster. Even the top-of-the-line variant doesn’t get rear power windows, common Ford, this is basic feature one would expect!

Despite all of these upgrades, the Figo is dearer only by Rs 3,000 to Rs 3,500 compared to the earlier model. The base variant of Figo petrol is pegged at Rs 3.85 lakh and diesel starts at Rs 4.81 lakh (both prices ex-Thane). It sure is great pricing and with that Ford will definitely have some cracking sales numbers this festive season.

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