G-Wagon G55 AMG


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G-Wagon G55AMG

Driven March 2011

G-Wagon G55AMG

In this world of crossovers and urban SUVs, the G-Wagon is a breath of fresh air. Mercedes Benz thought the car had seen its time and decided to pull the plug on it, only to have fans wrench the gates back open for them to keep coming. Yes, it has a bit of an image problem in India with clones like the Trax, Sumo and the Bolero doing rounds, but then the wagon will always prevail.

The G-Wagon doesn’t bother with any bit of pretension to make it look modern or appeal to the larger urban audience. It has held on to every inch of heritage and charm that has made it the icon that it is today. MB went on and offered this AMG version to celebrate the G-Wagon’s 25th anniversary and it’s a proper 507bhp V8 that it has been endowed with. Off-road ability is beyond compare with its short overhangs and the phenomenal 700Nm waiting to be unleashed it can take on any terrain.

There are few cars, which can offer less and still be more desirable than the newer bunch and the G-Wagon is a prime example. Add to that, the fact that it has been slapped with a supercharged V8 and an AMG badge just makes it the best SUV that you could lay your hands on. Period.


Abhinav Mishra

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