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Volkswagen Polo 1.6

Driven January 2011

Volkswagen Polo 1.6


On the outside, there are no distinguishing marks from the 1.2 Polo apart from a small 1.6 badge on the hatch. The Polo 1.6 is available only in the top-end Highline variant, but even in this trim, some features like electric mirrors are missing.

This 1.6 powerplant is smooth and if you’ve driven the 1.2, you’ll notice the difference almost immediately. But actual performance comes only after 3000rpm. It does 100kph in 11.7 seconds, which is quite good and slightly quicker than the Fabia 1.6. But the Fabia feels quicker thanks to better power delivery. For a 1.6-litre, there should have been more grunt, but at 11.7 seconds, it makes for a quick hot hatch. It’s quite fuel-efficient too – 9.5kpl and 15.2kpl in the city and on the highway respectively.

The steering is too light. It is precise, but doesn’t feel as good as regular hydraulic power steering. Other than that, there’s not much to fault on ride and handling.

Priced at Rs 6.16 lakh, the Polo 1.6 Highline is good for the money. It’s a lot better than the commuter 1.2-litre version. It’s fuel efficient and fun to drive. But we’d have preferred a little more grunt, some more features, and maybe wider tyres at the price.

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