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Nissan Sunny XV review

Driven September 2011

Nissan Sunny XV review

Things have never been so good for car buyers in India. If you are looking for a mid-sized sedan with a budget of Rs 10 lakh, you have a lot of cars to choose from. With the recent launch of the Nissan Sunny, you can add another name to that list. Sunny shares the same V platform as the the Micra, and will see its application in many other Renault-Nissan products in the coming years.

The exterior styling of the Sunny is a simple clean design with lots of curves. Some might even call it outright bland but we think the styling works for Nissan as it is going to target a whole variety of customers and to have a different-looking product helps.

The front of the car is dominated by a big chrome grille, along with the swooped-back headlights. On the other hand, the rear is a different story. It is a lot more stylish and takes design cues from the bigger Teana. View from the side and the Nissan Sunny makes its intentions clear, the long wheelbase and the big rear door show that this car is about rear seat comfort and carrying a lot of luggage.

Doors open wide for easy entry and exit. Once in, the car does seem to heavily borrow from its small sibling, the Micra, except for a few changes here and there. The Sunny has good fit and finish with soft touch plastic which is the best we have seen in this segment.

On the move, the first thing you notice is exceptional ride quality at most speeds. The steering is electrically operated but lacks feel. The 1.5 litre petrol unit makes 97bhp and 137Nm of torque. This is not a bad sized unit for a sub-Rs 10 lakh car, but thanks to the light weight and well slick five speed transmission, the power feels adequate. The car feels light on its feet, though you do feel a bit of body-roll when you take a corner aggressively. Gear ratios are tall, keeping the fuel economy in mind.

We do not say this very often, but this is a car where we were tempted to sit in the back seat. Nissan has left no stone unturned to ensure rear-seat comfort. Even with the front seat pushed all the way back there is enough space for you to move your legs around. This is thanks to the 260cm wheelbase, which is a whole 15cm longer than the Micra’s and just 5cm shorter than the Tata Indigo XL’s wheelbase. Other goodies include rear-seat air vents are simple exhaust fans that take air from front and blow it in the rear. This according to Nissan regulates temperature in the car more effectively.

Prices for the base XE model start at Rs 5.78 lakh while the top-of-the-line XV variant will set you back by Rs 7.68 lakhs both ex-showroom Delhi. This could just be start of Sunny days for Nissan.

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