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Review: Jaguar XJ Ultimate

Driven May 2013

Review: Jaguar XJ Ultimate

If there were a Top 10 list of ultimate luxury cars, the car you see here would be at number 1. Okay, if not number 1, definitely in the first five. The XJ has always been Britain’s answer to the S-Class, the 7 series and the A8. But the one you see here is not any old XJ. This is one of the most expensive, most luxurious XJs ever made, and it’s called the XJ Ultimate.

In a bid to make your life as luxurious as it can get on four wheels, the blokes at Jag have basically stuffed it with every piece of gadgetry they ever heard of. Open the rear door and you’re treated to truckloads of space and extremely comfortable electrically-operated massage seats wrapped in leather (texture and colour of your choice), surrounded by veneer again of your choosing.

Behind the passenger seat is a screen on which you can watch your movies or listen to music on the 825-watt Meridian system. If you get bored of that, there’s always an iPad docked right below the screen. And not just one – there are two of them for the two passengers occupying the rear seats. The rear entertainment package – including a wireless touchscreen remote, wireless headphones and screen – comes standard with the Ultimate. What’s missing is the middle seat.

It’s been replaced by a centre console that houses individual climate control buttons and a motorised tray to hold your champagne glass. If you’re one of those champagne-sipping business lads, you’ve got a chiller to keep the bottle cool.

If you ever bother getting out of that rear seat and take to the wheel and wonder what’s under that hood, it’s the 5.0-litre supercharged petrol engine that makes 502bhp and is mated to an eight-speed auto ’box. If you’re in the mood to spill some of that champagne by pushing the throttle right to the floor, then this 5.2m long, 1900kg limousine can hit 100kph before you can count to five. Mechanically, the only difference between the normal XJ L and the Ultimate is that the suspension is tuned for a better, more forgiving ride. The rest remains the same.

Outside, only a keen eye will spot the difference between the XJ L and the Ultimate. The Ultimate sports a chrome finish ‘Ultimate’ badge on the sculpted air intakes, as well as badging at the side and rear.

So is this the most extravagant and flawless limousine? Not really, there are those blinds on the rear windows, which need to be operated by hand, there’s the front passenger seat that can’t be reclined from the back, and then there’s the price – the Ultimate is a whopping Rs 50 lakh more than the normal XJ L.

To be precise, it’s pegged at Rs 2.41 crore (on-road, Mumbai). Now, how do you put a price on luxury, eh?

The numbers
8cyl, 5000cc, 502bhp, petrol, 8A, RWD, 0-100kph – 4.9sec (claimed), 250kph, 1915kg, Rs 2.41 crore (on-road, Mumbai)

The verdict
The perfect way to feel like an emperor, cocooned in the best of understated British luxury.

Agasti Kaulgi

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