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If you want a cruiser and can't handle or desire an Enfield, this is a good alternative.

  • Comfort

    Style comes at a price and in this case it's a long swingarm, which bucks at every opportunity.

  • Performance

    Inclusion of the 220cc motor has given the Avenger some grunt. Easy cruising at highway speeds.

  • Cool

    Bajaj delivers one more time on the value front. Lots of chrome and cool styling, little to argue with.

  • Quality

    Pretty good chrome finish and switchgear. Not much to complain about.

  • Handling

    Reasonable around corners, but the long wheelbase does take some working to switch direction.

  • Practicality

    Laid back cruiser styling and long wheelbase don't make it very practical around town.

  • Running costs

    Cheap to run and maintain. Bajaj service support is pretty good too.