CB Trigger


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CB Trigger

A well packaged 150cc bike that works both for everyday use and those long weekend drives. You still can't pick girls with it but those who do ride pillion will be happy to be there.

  • Comfort

    Surprisingly comfortable for what is being aimed as a 'sporty' bike. Good for the pillion too.

  • Performance

    Quick off the blocks even though the power and torque figures are similar to the Unicorn. Stopping ability greatly enhanced if you choose the Combi Braking System variant

  • Cool

    A more youthful design but still not quite as cool as a Yamaha FZ.

  • Quality

    Seems reasonably well putogether. Fit and finish is normally not a problem on most Honda motorcycles

  • Handling

    Amazingly capable if you fancy some spirited riding. We like it's cornering and straightline dynamic ability.

  • Practicality

    With a combination of a slightly upright riding stance and a proper pillion seat this is 'sports' bike you could use everyday.

  • Running costs

    Honda test conditions helped the CB trigger reach 60kpl. In our real world test we got a best of 52kpl. Overall fuel efficiency hovered around 42kpl