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Great street bike, plenty of style. Made for Asia 795 should make it a whole lot more affordable.

  • Comfort

    Upright riding stance makes the Monster pretty comfortable. Shock absorbers aren't overly stiff either.

  • Performance

    The 796 is quick, the 1100 is blisteringly so. The 795 headed for Asian markets will maintain similar performance levels.

  • Cool

    An Italian street bike with an exposed trellis-frame and bazooka exhausts is the epitome of cool.

  • Quality

    Plastics aren't the best and the alloys seems prone to denting on our roads.

  • Handling

    Incredibly nimble handling for an upright street bike. Fat tyres have incredible grip as well.

  • Practicality

    If you can deal with the heat coming off the engine, you could ride it around town and it is as much a pleasure on the highway.

  • Running costs

    Service centres are a rarity and parts are expensive and take time to come around.