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Workhorse for the Bajaj brand for a decade. Due to be replaced in the next couple of months. Worth holding out for.

  • Comfort

    Five-stage suspension setting and a decent seat makes the Pulsar reasonably section.

  • Performance

    Peppy little motor with plenty of bottom-end grunt. The 220cc motor is especially quick.

  • Cool

    Has been an icon, but despite the 135 update it's looking long in the tooth. All new version around the corner.

  • Quality

    Backlit switchgear, self-cancelling indicator switches, with acceptable quality.

  • Handling

    Smaller iterations feel alright, but with the power of the 220, the shortcoming of the chassis really shows.

  • Practicality

    Great city bike, good for the occasional weekend outing.

  • Running costs

    Reliable and efficient, Bajaj service and parts aren't expensive either.