3 Series


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3 Series

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Physics-defying handling and performance in a very rudimentary four doors and a boot package. A variety of trims and engines for every budget. Diesel is frighteningly economical.

  • Comfort

    Ride is firm, but chassis is so sharp, it responds to the slightest of steering inputs. So if the driver's having fun, passenger in this car, usually don't

  • Performance

    The straight-six engines sound sweet. But even the four-cylinder diesels are good for 220kph and 13kpl

  • Cool

    One of Chris Bangle's better designs and the best-looking 3-series ever.

  • Quality

    Has everything a Rs 30 lakh car should have.

  • Handling

    This is a bloody sportscar that just happens to have four doors and a boot.

  • Practicality

    It's a sportscar that has five seats, four doors and a boot. How much more practicality do you want?

  • Running costs

    Six-cylinder petrols are expensive, but diesels prove that you can have your caked and eat it, too.