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5 Series

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Post-Bangle, the new 5-series is more of a pleasure machine, less of a driving one

  • Comfort

    BMW's notorious ride quality is sorted. Should have the back-benchers happy.

  • Performance

    Strong, twin-turbo engines and a thrifty diesel will never leave you wanting more.

  • Cool

    Looks bland and unnecessarily large. Easily confused with the 7-series. Not cool.

  • Quality

    You will not feel short-changed.

  • Handling

    Quite the driver's car when it comes to German expresses. But it's lost the effervescence the previous 5 had.

  • Practicality

    It's longer than some SUVs, but if you are looking for a classic, comfy car, that's sporty, this is about how practical you can get.

  • Running costs

    Petrols tick to empty like the second hand of a clock. If you are really bothered about running costs, stick to diesel