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  • Like most Fiats. Competent and stable.

Retro can be awful, but here it's all good. Stunning little car with cuddly sex appeal and take-me-now interior. Yummy.

  • Comfort

    Ideal for two. Three and more is a crowd anyway.

  • Performance

    Right now, it's adequate. A souped-up Abarth version could have actually justified the price

  • Cool

    Girls will want to pull your cheeks AND sleep with you AND take you to her parents.

  • Quality

    It's exactly how the '50s would have been if it was the 2010s

  • Handling

    Like most Fiats. Competent and stable.

  • Practicality

    If there's just you and yours, and no one else in the world for you, it's the most practical car ever.

  • Running costs

    It's an expensive import, but being a diesel, it costs almost nothing to run.