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  • The best car Ferrari has ever made, and probably the ugliest

No-one can quite believe how good the 599 is. Staggeringly fast but remarkably easy to drive. It’s pretty much as fast as an Enzo too, which just shows what a difference a couple of years can make.

  • Comfort

    The GTB wouldn't meet the demands of its market if it wasn't superbly comfortable and refined. Yes, you can wring its noisy neck cross-country, but you can also waft about as a picture of calm and dignity.

  • Performance

    A top speed of 330kph is a good indication of just what the 599 is about, but that's only half the story. Super-slick sequential manual gearbox and 434lb ft of torque mean there's never a moment when it can't knock the wind out of you.

  • Cool

    The 599 GTB gets the nod for the simple reason that it is so damn good. In the hands of someone who will really use it, it's cool. Being written off in suburban Cheshire by a drunk Premiership footballer, however...

  • Quality

    For its price you'd expect the 599 to be pretty bloody well screwed together, and it is. Fingers crossed for all that ultra-hi-tech Italian electronica, but no problems to report thus far.

  • Handling

    Despite GT characteristics with that big V12 up front, the 599 handles like a proper sports car. It's ridiculously advanced traction settings also mean it's getting on for idiot proof.

  • Practicality

    Within reason, the 599 is a useable two-seat tourer, with plenty of space for kit and a nicely sorted cabin. It's also very easy to drive around town, although it'd take balls of steel to park it in the street and leave it there.

  • Running costs

    If you're looking in this box you're a tourist.