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Alto 800

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It may not be the quickest runabout, but then again, you can always go buy the K10, which also looks a darn sight better. If economical transportation is your only criterion, the Alto 800 makes a great case for itself.

  • Comfort

    Overall comfort is good. But seat squab is small and it lack thigh support. Rear seats are good for two adults. Fitting three is a fight.

  • Performance

    Feels good for an 800cc hatchback. Performance in city is good, but runs out of breath out on the highway

  • Cool

    A welcome change from the Alto of the yore. But looks dated when compared to its rival, the Hyundai Eon.

  • Quality

    New interiors feel good. Quality improved from before.

  • Handling

    Handles well for a small car. Feels well around corners, but at highway speeds the 800 wobbles a bit.

  • Practicality

    Another practical hatchback from Maruti. Fuel efficient engine, spot on price and great after sales means its one of the best in the segment.

  • Running costs

    Its an 800cc Maruti hatchback. You don't need to bother about running cost.