Alto K10


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Alto K10

Additional Info

  • Costs nearly nothing to buy.

New engine and transmission mean you can say "Alto" and "performance" in the same sentence.

  • Comfort

    Ride is bumpy and space is cramped. Definitely won't top any comfortable list

  • Performance

    It's puny, but packs in quite a punch.

  • Cool

    Still the car you got yourself because you could afford nothing else.

  • Quality

    It's cheap, but it will last and wear well.

  • Handling

    It's not eager to have you upside down.

  • Practicality

    Not a load-lugger, but can handle most stuff that a cut-throat urban city can throw at it.

  • Running costs

    Costs nearly nothing to buy. And a few litres of petrol once in a while is all it needs for happiness