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The Amaze gets the right recipe for a compact sedan with a long enough list of features, decent comfort and good driving dynamics. Honda’s first diesel for India doesn’t disappoint in any way and packs enough juice for your needs. Just hope Honda doesn’t spoil the fun with long waiting periods.

  • Comfort

    The front seats are spacious with driver seat with height adjust. The rear seats gets added cushioning for more comfort.

  • Performance

    The diesel engine puts out 99bhp and 200Nm which should be more than sufficient for your needs. The motor doesn't feel too torquey.

  • Cool

    It's all about practicality and efficiency here. Certainly not the car you'd go for if you're looking for a cool factor

  • Quality

    The overall fit and finish is good but interior plastics don't feel too upmarket

  • Handling

    The suspension is setup more from handling than bump absorption. The weedy tyres don't offer great grip which robs driving pleasure

  • Practicality

    Don't hesitate. Just go to the dealership and book your Amaze if you're looking for practicality

  • Running costs

    Honda claims it's the most efficient car to hit the Indian roads with an efficiency figure of 25.8kpl.