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Is a competent product. And is good value considering the features and equipment on offer. But a premium price is not what Tata can automatically command. It has to be seriously good in the long run to justify this price.

  • Comfort

    Yes, a Tata that's got 7 in comfort. Don't rub your eyes. You are awake.

  • Performance

    Not the car to get if you value your performance at the local drag race by the traffic light.

  • Cool

    MPVs and people carriers have never been cool. This is definitely not going to get necks craning.

  • Quality

    Is almost revolutionary for a Tata, with nice Land Rover touches inside. Let's see how it weathers over time.

  • Handling

    You'd never believe it, but this car can corner. Sure, there's some pitch and a lot of roll, but if you keep the faith, it can be rewarding.

  • Practicality

    Forget the seven seats and all that space, the cabin is filled with so many storage bins and crevices, you run the risk of losing something.

  • Running costs

    It's an expensive car. And being a Tata doesn't help with this kind of a price-tag. But once you've purchased one, it shouldn't be pricey to run.