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The Aventador is very striking, and even violent art that you and anybody who sees it on the road will appreciate. Just that it is art with wheels and an engine. It's a terrorising and extremely fun machine. But it's in no way a precision driver's car.

  • Comfort

    At slow speeds, ride is uncomfortable and you'd hate to be stuck in stop-and-go traffic. Essentially, if it can't hit three figures often, it'd rather stay put in your garage.

  • Performance

    On an open road, no road-going or even low-flying object can keep up. Every act... acceleration,braking, changing gears become events that stay in your head

  • Cool

    The only reason it loses that one point is because it's a bit too cool if you are the types who like subtlety. But as an object on the road, the Aventador evokes everything from desire, anger, appeasement and even, erm, arousal

  • Quality

    The cabin is soundly built and the buttons and toggles are stuff mainstream car makers would be proud of. But the car does rattle over sharp bumps.

  • Handling

    Handling is breath-taking, but not phenomenal. The corners flat. Well, it better being so low, hard-sprung and all. But the steering and the pedals don't give as much feedback as a Ferrari or even a Porsche would.

  • Practicality

    You can't keep a cellphone in this cabin. As for bottle-holders in the doors, there aren't any. Which is a good thing. Imagine, a bottle on upward-opening gull-wing doors. The doors by the way are practical. You won't hit the car parallel to you inside a closely-set car park

  • Running costs

    The thing can go from a full to empty tank in less than four hours. But if you are considering an Aventador, chances are you already own oil or know a few people who do.