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  • Like most Porkers, you have to drive it to really understand. Do so soon

Despite some inevitable stick for being a ‘poor man’s 911’, and for being a hair dresser’s car to boot, the Porsche Boxster is a truly magical piece of engineering. Its supple but responsive chassis, mid-engine configuration and vocal flat-six make it a genuine joy to drive.

  • Comfort

    The Boxster strikes a pretty much ideal balance between rigidity and suppleness. Meaning that while it doesn't compromise at all on how firm that roofless roadster body needs to be, it still rides with great compliance.

  • Performance

    Increased levels of power from the Boxster's flat-six engines mean both standard and ‘S' cars feel fast enough. Not built for outright speed anyway, the brilliance of either car is far more apparent across a winding B-road.

  • Cool

    Much like the 911, the Boxster is maligned by a distinctly iffy image in this country. It's either ‘not a proper Porsche', or it's ‘a girl's car'. Both accusations are baseless, but they're probably not going away either.

  • Quality

    The Boxster is remarkable in this respect. Even really early cars are still bearing up well in spite of high, and presumably very hard, mileage. Porsche builds cars like almost no-one else can, so you've no worries on this score.

  • Handling

    Up to a point, a point that few of us ever pass, the Boxster handles better than even the 911. It has an inherent advantage in being mid-engine, and few sportscars feel as approachable as this to even the complete amateur.

  • Practicality

    The mid-engine Boxster gives you a small, deep boot at the rear, and a broader, slightly shallower one at the front. Neither is great, but with soft bags and a bit of muscle it's remarkable what you can fit in there.

  • Running costs

    The Boxster is a desirable, nickable, crashable car that'll cost plenty to insure and run. But with that amazing build quality and halo badge you should at least see a decent return when you want to sell it.