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A lot of people will find this desirable. Partly because it's a Honda, partly because it's diminutive size makes things very convenient. But it lacks that tiny bit of zing.

  • Comfort

    Cramped and a bit bumpy. Best to stick to a total of four people for long drives.

  • Performance

    It's got a small engine. But the car is light, and the small engine is peppy. It will not make you drool in delight, but the Brio can be quick. Especially in slow traffic.

  • Cool

    It's as cool as an ice-tray. But one without the ice.

  • Quality

    Good stuff inside and out.

  • Handling

    Has the typical, light Japanese feel and dynamics. Handling isn't bad, but there are other cars for the same price that do a better job.

  • Practicality

    There isn't much in terms of interior space. But that means, the car is as tiny as an auto rickshaw and will fit into nearly any spot an autorickhaw can.

  • Running costs

    For the size, the Brio may seem expensive to buy, but the petrol engine is economical.