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  • It's neither incredibly athletic or incredibly quick.

At long last, Chevy is adding new cars to Daewoo knock-offs. This seven seat SUV isn't a bad effort either.

  • Comfort

    Pliant ride and plush leather seats make it a nice place to be in. Keep the last row seats only for kids, though.

  • Performance

    It's neither incredibly athletic or incredibly quick. It keeps decent space and you can keep a run-away car in sight.

  • Cool

    Has a good balance between being loud and subtle. Has enough for others to know that you are important and stuff.

  • Quality

    No horrors here.

  • Handling

    Steering is extremely wooden. And not the quickest lane-changer. But it won't turtle at a round-about, if that's what you want to know

  • Practicality

    Seven seats help. Being an SUV is a bigger help. And not too large to drive around in crowded places.

  • Running costs

    Can't beat a small car, but for an SUV, it's quite decent. The only refined SUV in its segment that sips diesel