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  • Putting a roof on a Boxster isn’t going to stop people throwing things at you. It just means nothing’s going to hit you in the face

Put aside any thoughts about this being a substitute 911. The Porsche Cayman is an entirely different, and entirely brilliant bit of kit. One of the finest handling cars on sale today, this is a car that will flatter the novice and satisfy the expert.

  • Comfort

    Like both Boxster and 911 before it, the Cayman brings a pretty astonishing blend of the firm and the supple to the party. A car that handles this well and still rides with such composure and comfort is a triumph of engineering.

  • Performance

    Although the more maniacal of buyers might feel a little underwhelmed by the lack of power in the 2.7-litre car, both that and the 3.4-litre S model are quick in a straight line by most standards and will leave anything for dead across country.

  • Cool

    The 911 purists may choose to disagree, but we think the Cayman is cool for the very fact that it is such a highly accomplished car. Superbly engineered, brilliantly packaged and subtle in its final execution, it's a far more tempting ownership proposition than a 911.

  • Quality

    The Cayman is very much a modern Porsche, in so much as that it's beautifully built, but with the very occasional touch point such as interior door releases or steering wheel spokes that seem a bit plasticky.

  • Handling

    Rumour has it that the reason there's no limited slip differential on the Cayman is because if there was, it'd be faster point to point than a 911. And Porsche can't afford to have the upstart out-handling its flagship car can it?

  • Practicality

    You get two boots on a Cayman. As standard. Very generous of Porsche. No rear seats, but those boots more than make up for it. And besides, you own a Cayman, who wants to take children with you?

  • Running costs

    Depreciation should be minimal on a car so desirable and at the moment still so rare, but don't expect anything else of a financial bent to take it so easy on you. Insurance and fuel costs will be epic.