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Solid, sensible, well thought-out sedan has space, economy and quality but very little flair or excitement.

  • Comfort

    Ride is bumpy over poor roads and some wind and road noise do enter at high speeds.

  • Performance

    At 118bhp, several storeys above its immediate combination

  • Cool

    Honda brand is rather desirable over here. And the slat and arrow-like theme is considered cool. While we aren't big fans, a City is considered a cool car.

  • Quality

    While everything looks nice, there is room for improvement with actual feel.

  • Handling

    Engine can do wonders, but the chassis is average. Could do with more driver involement.

  • Practicality

    Offers everything you would need from a family sedan.

  • Running costs

    Pricier than most competition, but petrol is efficient. Loses out to the fact that there are no diesel options