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  • The Mini to get if you live several feet above sea level.

It’s not mid-engine, it’s not rear wheel drive, it doesn’t have even six cylinders forget a V8 or a V12 – all pre-requisites for a fun, fast car. Yet, the Mini is just that, a fun, fast car.

  • Comfort

    Space up front is good as is the headroom for the front seats. In the back you'll need to remove both your passengers head and legs, so they might not be quite so pleased. Actually rides pretty well.

  • Performance

    The Cooper S has a tiny 1.6 motor but puts out 184 extremely entertaining horses. In the real world, this Mini can keep a supercar within its sights.

  • Cool

    It looks everything in between cool and hep to even girly if you get the wrong colours. But it does catch attention and it does turn heads

  • Quality

    Thankfully it hasn't gone the dour solid way. Everything is well put-together, but there's also a lot of cheer inside.

  • Handling

    This is where all the girls who'd coo 'aww cho chweet' will shut up. This thing loves wringing out corners so much, you'd need to take it to a shrink to have it snap out of the habit

  • Practicality

    The folding roof makes no big difference to storage space. Is extremely practical if you are a family of two with its foldable rear seats. If you want to take friends along, ask them to follow in a cab.

  • Running costs

    Being an import, it is more expensive than it should be to buy. But once you've made the decision to get one, keeping it running shouldn't be a problem. Being a small, but high performance engine, high octane fuel will help.