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  • The Mini for the grown up, practical, family man. But if you want fun, you will yearn for your bachelor, Mini Cooper days.

It's practical, looks great, is family-friendly and is perfect if you want a Mini that's not literally a mini. However, if you want the Mini sense of fun, the Countryman isn't it.

  • Comfort

    You can seat four in comfort. And the four can be dimensionally gifted humans. Ride is well-damped and you won't be struggling for space.

  • Performance

    It's got the same 1.6 motor as the Cooper. But all the additional weight ensures you don't get that superlative, smile-on-the-face driving experience.

  • Cool

    It may not be a pure Mini, but as a soft-roader for four, the Countryman is rather funky.

  • Quality

    Solidly built without the boring German dullness. The materials are nice, and the big instrument dial and the knobs instead of buttons are smartly done.

  • Handling

    Not as good as THE Mini. But good enough for a car that looks funky, carries four and has all wheel drive.

  • Practicality

    All those friends who you had asked to follow in a cab can now fit in. Boot is spacious and folding seats only add to the versatility. The Mini for the family man with cash

  • Running costs

    Again, an import (read: high sticker price). But once purchased, the small, but punchy engine is rather efficient.