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  • It's a reputation and an image, but not a car.

Suave, comfortable, handles well and has a great engine. But pricing seems to rely more on past laurels rather than current value. And don't even think abotu off-roading.

  • Comfort

    Ride is bumpy, but the car is refined, smooth and quiet.

  • Performance

    There's a quick 2.4, but even the cheaper 2-litre isn't too bad.

  • Cool

    It gets you respect. But those in the know will tell you, you bought a reputation and image, and not a car.

  • Quality

    Pretty good, premium and all that. But at this price, we would want some platinum and rare metals too.

  • Handling

    Handles well, but steering is lifeless and high speeds its as smooth and as confidence-inspiring as an Airbus.

  • Practicality

    Seating for five, but it's not the kind of car you get muddy in, or muddy with.

  • Running costs

    It's an import, and a petrol. In other words, not the best combination.