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  • Doesn't handle like a Ford or a BMW, but is fun and involving.

This car can leave wet spot marks on the trousers of the Civic and the Corolla.

  • Comfort

    Very good ride. And lot's of room at the rear.

  • Performance

    150bhp, 320Nm, 100 in 11 secs.

  • Cool

    It's butch and imposing. Wish people would go easy on the after-market chrome, though.

  • Quality

    Interiors are well-made and have a sporty black, grey, silver theme, with some teal high-lighting thrown in. Thankfully, there's no plastic parading around as wood

  • Handling

    Not a Ford or a BMW, but is fun and involving.

  • Practicality

    Seating for five and lot of room in the boot. Need anything more?

  • Running costs

    All that power and torque actually leaves you with about 14kpl at the minimum.