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  • The most spectacular thing ever to have been invented. The space shuttle looks rubbish in comparison.

A harder, faster, more focussed DB9. But it feels like a totally different car – a car that Aston Martin can take on the world with. If only the Ferrari 599 didn’t exist.

  • Comfort

  • Performance

    The DBS rides well for a car with so much potential, but like a teenage boy you never forget that it has one thing on its mind, just this time it's speed not the, er, other thing. The engine is loud, but that's the point. Watch out for cambers and uneven roads; the DBS would prefer a racetrack if given the opportunity.

  • Cool

    The bare stats show that the DBS has just 60 more bhp than the DB9 at 510, so it's not actually that powerful, but 0-62mph in just over four seconds and 190mph is enough. The rumours that this is just a DB9 in a new suit are unfounded though; this is much more like the old hardcore Vanquish S in terms of experience.

  • Quality

    If the DB9 is cool, then the DBS is super-chilled. Forget the slightly odorous James Bond connection - that's for teenage boys - and revel in a fine, fast Aston that makes the hair stand to attention on the back of your neck.

  • Handling

    Imagine a cross between a road car and a GT racer and you're about there. The DBS is the best handling car Aston has ever produced. Forget pretty-but-rubbish DB7s, this is what an Aston should be about; noisy, raw, a bit brutal and sticks like glue.

  • Practicality

    Are you sure you're not in the wrong place? Anyway, not bad for a car this fast; the boot's pretty good and the space in the cabin is dandy - though you won't be changing any wheels because there's no spare. You were worried about that, weren't you?

  • Running costs

    The same as the DB9, except plus one. If you're singularly worried about running costs, you're going to look elsewhere. They aren't currently depreciating though.