Discovery 4


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Discovery 4

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The most competent, all-round SUV in the world. A lot of tech, all-round cameras and great off the road.

  • Comfort

    Unlike modern SUVs tuned to lap the Nurburging, the Disco is traditional and comfortable

  • Performance

    Has good engines, but the weight won't see it winning traffic-light drags.

  • Cool

    Proves SUVs can be big and not ugly.

  • Quality

    Understated and lovely.

  • Handling

    Not as agile as its other LR and RR cousins, but handles better than a lot of cars. And can seriously take to the dirt

  • Practicality

    Seven seats, can go anywhere, can carry anything. But bulky in the city.

  • Running costs

    If you stick to diesel, it's incredible. But let's face it. There are cheaper cars.