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If you want one car for all your needs at a price that doesn't demand severe lifestyle changes from you, you can't get anything better than the Duster.

  • Comfort

    The best riding car in the Indian market. You can go over the worse of roads and all you will get is a slight thud in the cabin. Seating is okay for five, but not as spacious as a Safari or Scorpio

  • Performance

    85bhp diesel is a bit of a grouch. 110bhp diesel is what you need. This car is no rocket, but will get the work done. Be prepared to be generous when shifting through the six-speed manual.

  • Cool

    Proves that you don't need a Pininfarina or a massive budget to make a good-looking car. Does the walk between looking smart and yet prepared for some rough and tumble rather well.

  • Quality

    The interiors aren't the best. While mechanical quality seems okay, quality of switches and materials are poor. Some of the AC knobs are hard to turn, too.

  • Handling

    Not as faultless as the Yeti, but way way better than the Scorpio and Safari. This isn't a car bristling with feedback, but gladly undertakes tasks like quick lane changes and going hard around corners.

  • Practicality

    The boot is massive, and with foldable seats, you can start an illegal packers and mover service.

  • Running costs

    While we are yet to ascertain its long term reliability, the car doesn't ask for much. All engines, including 110bhp diesel is economical.