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  • Performance is exhilarating, rather than trouser-wetting.

The new E-Class gets a better-looking face and new features that the current E-Class desperately needed. That coupled with good performance, the new E has almost everything that earlier one missed out on.

  • Comfort

    Not as comfortable as an E-class. But very comfortable as a sportscar

  • Performance

    V6 is smooth and silky. Performance is exhilarating, rather than trouser-wetting.

  • Cool

    The big star on the grille and the slight alteration to have two doors in place of four make it rather cool.

  • Quality

    It's a Merc. What do you expect?

  • Handling

    Engine affords you with a lot of pace, but the car's more for cruising rather than on the limit driving.

  • Practicality

    Spacious for two, decent boot space, and capacious boot. Rear is hospitable if you are less than average height.

  • Running costs

    It's an import so spares won't be cheap. Don't expect double digit efficiency figures.