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The Ecosport is a smartly packaged car. Its not a driver's delight like a typical Ford, but if priced right, this could eat into a whole lot of other segments and be the best all round urban car.

  • Comfort

    Isn't the most spacious cabin, but the seats provide good amount of cushioning

  • Performance

    The EcoBoost engine is peppy and fun to drive

  • Cool

    Don't know about cool, but it's practical for sure

  • Quality

    Ford is still cracking their head over solving quality issues

  • Handling

    Not the best handling Ford, but gets the job done well

  • Practicality

    High on practicality - high ground clearance, cabin big enough for four and enough ground clearance

  • Running costs

    Diesel is frugal but the EcoBoost isn't the most efficient engines around