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Don't let the marketing gimmick fool you. The Eeco is a stripped-down Versa at a rock-bottom price.

  • Comfort

    Ride is bumpy. You could call it a room with metal walls and a wheel.

  • Performance

    Well, it's as fast as a house with thin metal walls on wheels.

  • Cool

    As cool as playing sandball in the desert.

  • Quality

    Not the hallmark of finishing and attention to detail.

  • Handling

    It handles in the same way that politicians handle corruption charges. Everybody knows they are lying, but will keep at it.

  • Practicality

    If there is one car that suits the 'More car per car' principle, it's the Eeco. Not as much the Indica.

  • Running costs

    Costs you just a couple of lakh to buy. And some few litre of petrol every month.