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The Ertiga is a great car for people who are averse to MPVs but need to move a large family. It drives like a car and isn't that much bigger than the Swift. Perfect for driving around your contingent inside the city as well as out.

  • Comfort

    The Ertiga is reasonably comfortable. It may not have the shoulder room of the Innova, but it can pass off as a decently comfortable seven-seater.

  • Performance

    The petrol 1.4-litre is the one to buy if you like driving, it's responsive and loves to rev. The diesel mill is the 1.3-litre DDIS motor, it doesn't feel as sprightly as the petrol, but thick wave of torque means it makes a for a good cruiser.

  • Cool

    People carriers are rarely cool. But the fact that the Ertiga looks more of a small car than an outright MPV works in its favour. But still it is really hard to look cool driving one around.

  • Quality

    Being a Maruti, quality is good for most parts, but Marutis do have a tendency to rattle quite a bit.

  • Handling

    The Ertiga handles well especially if you consider this is a seven-seater. Being based on the Swift does wonders for its road manners. There's no top-heaviness that you associate with MPVs. You can throw it around corners and it feels nimble even in the city.

  • Practicality

    Being able to seat seven means in a relatively compact space gives the Ertiga high marks on practicality. But boot space isn't great with all seats in place. Thankfully you can fold the seats to liberate house-moving-space.

  • Running costs

    The Petrol is fuel efficient for its size. Parts sharing with the Swift will ensure spares aren't too hard on the pocket. But if running costs are extremely important, look no further than the Diesel.