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  • Its a sensible package for the price

Practical and sensible package, but you have to try hard to ignore the mundane looks.

  • Comfort

    Spacious interiors combined with comfortable seats make the Etios a nice car to be in over long journeys.

  • Performance

    The 1.5-litre engine is surprisingly peppy. It is almost as quick as the Fiesta 1.6 petrol and for a car like the Etios, that is a very good thing.

  • Cool

    The mundane Logan-like looks mean that the Etios is not something that will grab a lot of eyeballs which doesn't do anything for its cool quotient.

  • Quality

    Being a Toyota, it should be reliable mechanically, but quality of plastics isn't very good. It feels built to a price.

  • Handling

    The Etios rides well at slow to medium speeds, but thanks to lower kerb weight, it tends to get unsettled at higher speeds. Like most Toyotas steering is very light. Good for parking, not for handling.

  • Practicality

    Lots of space for passengers and their luggage. It's a sensible package for the price.

  • Running costs

    The Etios is very fuel efficient as well, in fact one of the most fuel efficient cars in its segment. This should help keep running costs down. However, spare parts pricing remains to be seen but it should be in line with competition.